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In the Footsteps of Spirit & Tradition.

La Mia Sicilia - In the Footsteps of Spirit & Tradition, May 2024.

7-day photography workshop dedicated to the deep exploration and documentation of the heritage of this unique Italian island. The focus will be on capturing the spiritual and traditional aspects of Sicily through observing and photographing its culture, art, religious rituals, and the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Throughout the workshops, participants will explore the diverse landscapes of Sicily, from urban markets to charming villages, historical sites, and picturesque beaches. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on photographing Sicilians, capturing their daily lives, traditional attire, rituals, social and religious events, as well as new residents from West Africa.

The workshops will concentrate on what is characteristic and unique to Sicily, including its spirituality, religiosity, and rich cultural heritage. Photographs created during the workshop will visually tell the story of the island, reflecting its changing identity influenced by both history and modernity.

As usual, participants will have the opportunity to savor exquisite Sicilian cuisine in various regions of the island and peek behind the scenes of wine production on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna.

This trip is for those who have mastered their camera operation and would like to learn how to build trust within the local community to better understand and immortalize the deeply rooted values and traditions of Sicily.

Each day, selected photos taken during our expedition will be reviewed and discussed. There will also be an opportunity to learn the secrets of photo editing in Lightroom to enhance the qualities of the images captured during the workshops.

Finally, participants will collaboratively prepare a multimedia presentation of selected photos from our entire trip.

This workshops are available now in Polish only, if you interested, please send me an email: with subject: "Sicily 2024"

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