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To capture the essence of the world around us, you need the knowledge, time and patience.

This intermediate and advanced workshop is designed to expand your knowledge of photography. It's dedicated to documentary photographers interested in crafting compelling visual stories. The workshop will elevate your skills in documenting the world around you, emphasizing the essential elements for building a strong documentary and establishing meaningful relationships with your subjects to convey their stories through visual language.

Participants will gain insights into writing a project plan to create a coherent storyline and improving their eye as photo editors. This workshop is suitable for individuals who already possess a basic understanding of camera operation (exposure, aperture, shutter speed, etc.). We will cover all crucial aspects of long-term projects and explore various documentary styles by studying the works of photography masters.

The primary focus of this workshop is on producing a long-term documentary project, equipping you with the skills necessary to create a narrative through images. Topics include differentiating between documentary and news photography, exploring street photography and contemporary art, selecting the best photographs from your project, editing your work effectively, and reaching a wider audience to share your story.

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