Not Surrendering - Protestant Loyalists Life in Post - Conflict Northern Ireland, 2010-2020

Since Peace Process starts in Ulster, not so many people are interested any more about what is going on in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile at the island, deep hate dividing most part of the province. Paramilitary organizations are still very active and controlling most the areas. Third generation from working class districts, still have big problem with unemployment and what is more important, since The Troubles the number of people who commit suicide in last two decades, is larger than people who been killed during the conflict. It’s clearly show us that United Kingdom, doesn’t know how to fix it.
Only from 2007 to 2013, the UE spend 2.4 billion euros on peace projects in the region and set community-building initiatives for 2014-20 (up to 229 million euros) on projects aimed at integrating Protestants and Catholics.

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