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Learn photography and how to use it to discover the world around you.

A photography workshop with Mariusz will change the way of discovering world around you.
He has been teaching workshops in Ireland, UK, Portugal, Italy, Ghana & Poland for more than 12 years and has a lot of experience in education with beginners, intermediate and advanced camera users. His well organised workshops with a small number of like minded photography enthusiasts offer every participant enough time and personal feedback from the tutor.
His workshops is great experience which will help you to understand not only the technical  aspects of the medium, how to work with your camera its settings, composition etc. but the philosophy behind his work.
He will give you personal advice to improving your way of working with a camera and people around you, so you can improve your skill in looking for the light, change the way of composition, practising the patience of waiting for the decisive moment and how to work with photo editing.
These workshops will help you to find your own style in photography, learn directly from the photos you take. Mariusz has won multiple awards from the National Geographic and his photographs have been published in most known magazines all over the world. Check his bio for more details.

Please find below a few different levels, types of workshops and photo tours and choose the one that suits you best.

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